Episode 26: Summer Slam and Backlash

After a brief late summer break, the FSP boys are back to fill your ears with all the hard hitting wrestling commentary that you’ve come to know and love. In this episode we play a bit of catch up by reviewing both Summer Slam and Backlash, comparing and contrasting the two(spoiler alert: Backlash was better). Enjoy this nearly two hour mega episode!

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Episode 25: New Era Raw/Smackdown and the CWC(con’t)

Due to some technical difficulties, this months episode was recorded on two different days. Confusing, I know, but you are smart and I’m sure you’ll figure out just how to indulge in your fix of all things FSP.

That said, in this episode, we continue our discussion about Raw vs Smackdown, how T shirts represent you as a wrestling fan, Becky Lynch and her lack of credible opponents, and how awesome the Cruiser Weight Classic is.

To quote Chris Jericho, click here to download “you stupid idiot!”…keep in mind, we are just quoting Jericho. We don’t think you are an idiot…you idiot. 

Episode 24: Battleground, New Era Raw/Smackdown and the CWC

It’s a new day, yes it is!

It’s a new era in the WWE, and we here at the Fallaway Slam Podcast are here with all the hard hitting commentary and hilarious opinions that have made us the most popular wrestling podcasts among our friends and families.

In this episode, we discuss Battleground 2016 and how it feeds into the New Era of Raw and Smackdown, and we gush over Owens vs Zayn and Sasha Banks. As usual.

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Episode 23: Money in the Bank Review and More

In yet another landmark podcast, the FSP boys breakdown Money in the Bank, Hulk Hogan’s penis size vs Terry Bollea’s, the stakes(or lack there of), wrestling movies(and movies starring wrestlers) and the Roman Reigns suspension. Plus more!


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Episode 22: Extreme Rules, Ospreay/Ricochet and UFC 200

What a jam packed show! In what can only be described as a tour de force of podcasting prowess, the boys from the FSP talk about the Extreme Rules PPV, the controversial Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet match from New Japan, Brock Lesnar upcoming fight at UFC 200, and Alberto Del Rio’s recent sexual conquests. Enjoy!

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