Episode 38: SummerSlam 2017! Pt.2: SummerSlam PPV/Raw Review

And now, part two of our presentation…

In this episode, we dive into the second half of the marathon recording session and discuss SummerSlam itself as well as the followup episode of Raw. We discuss the highs and lows of what is supposed to be a “Big Four” PPV, the concept of art vs commerce when it comes to the business, beach balls, Bayley boos and a whole lot of philosophy. Didn’t think you’d get that from a wrestling podcast, did you?

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Episode 37: SummerSlam 2017! Pt.1: G1 Climax, NXT Takeover and More!

Yet another marathon recording session from your boys here at the FSP! This is the first part of a two part session where we talked for about 2 and 1/2 hours on a variety of subjects, starting with our thoughts on the G1 Tournament, why Bailey is being booed and Johnny Gargano is being cheered, and of course we discuss the NXT Takover card. There is also a bit of the SNES game Chrono Trigger thrown in there for good measure. Stay tuned for part 2 when we discuss the SummerSlam PPV!

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Episode 36: MiTB Mega Episode! Pt. 2: PPV & Smackdown Review

Alright. Here is the second half of the marathon recording session that we did, and in this section we discuss the MiTB PPV proper. We talk about the controversial finish of the Women’s MItB, Lana v Naomi for the Women’s title(we talk about it for about the same length of time as the match itself) and the implications of Baron Corbin being Mr Mr MiTB. We then discuss the following Smackdown Live and how well the WWE followed up the PPV(spoiler: meh). Also, Bin Wang makes his long awaited return to the podcast, and we discuss cancer…bit of a downer.

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Episode 35: MiTB Mega Episode! Pt 1: Okada v Omega & Current Events

Here it is! Part one of our 2 hour mega episode! There is so much content that we needed to split it up into two parts. In this first part, we have the usual suspects – Trivia, Whatcha Drinkin’?, and the second ever 1 Minute Challenge(this time about Extreme Rules) but we spend most of the episode discussing the masterpiece that was Omega v Okada 2!

Stay tuned for part 2 when we discuss the MiTB PPV proper!

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Episode 34: Payback Review + WM33 Mini Review

Well, here it is! The long awaited new episode of the FSP!

In this episode, we introduce a new segment, the 1 Minute Challenge; we pick a topic and have only one minute each to discuss it. Unfortunately, with all the scheduling challenges, the inaugural 1 Minute Challenge is about this year’s Wrestlemania. Be sure to take heed to Dave’s segment…amazing!

Also featured in this episode is our review of Payback, the road leading to it and the road leading out, rebooking the Undertaker’s retirement and the House of Horrors match, as well as the most comprehensive discussion you’ll ever hear about Captain Planet on a wrestling podcast.

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Episode 33: Fastlane Review/WM Preview Pt.2

Fitting that our 33rd episode is a preview of Wrestlemania 33! In this, the second part of our marathon podcast recording session, we preview WM 33. We discuss, yet again, whether or not Roman Reigns will turn heel against the Undertaker, Orton vs Wyatt vs a gas can, and our expectations for the Grandest Stage of them All!


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Episode 32: Fastlane Review/WM Preview Pt. 1

The Road to Wrestlemania continues! With that, we have our final episode before Wrestlemania, one that is so jam packed with hard hitting commentary that we had to split it into two episodes. In this edition, we not only review Fastlane 2017, but we discuss how it pertains to Wrestlemania and what the hell it all means. Also, we talk about NXT,  Danger Dave gives us his best Tommy Wiseau impression and professes his unrequited love for Peyton Royce! Stay tuned for pt 2, recorded in the same session, where we preview WM and try to figure out just what is going to happen on the Grandest Stage of them All!


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